Yikes. It’s 2k17 and the winter semester is already well underway, but we still wish we could live in holiday limbo. Here are some reasons why:

1. The Weather

It’s probably the same as it was when you were happily tucked away in your house back home, but at Mac the weather just seems worse. The commute to school is icy, and the rain-snow roller coaster makes you not know how to dress. Not to mention when you get out of class at 5:30 is almost pitch black outside. Bring on the hibernation and being trapped in your house until spring.

2. Your Housemates

Watch solitude disappear as your housemates slowly descend back into your humble student abode. Gone are the days that you can wander around naked without worry, or use the bathroom for extended amounts of time without being questioned. Back to school means back to fighting over space in the fridge and listening to your housemate fuck their partner well into the night. KEEP IT DOWN.

3. The Busy Pulse

The New Year, New Bod crowd has arrived. If you’re a gym regular, you’ll probably be annoyed at the longer lines for equipment and the busy change rooms but try to remember that everyone needs to start somewhere. Quell your anger by doing a good deed and offer to help a newbie who’s looking confused by the squat rack.

4. Responsibilities

Grocery shoppin’, bill payin’ & fixin’ OSAP problems. Coming back from our mini vaycays seems to amplify the problems we forgot last semester. In addition to navigating new class schedule, we also have to think about all our yearly responsibilities. Don’t forget to schedule your new year’s doctors appointments, STI tests, and hair cuts.

5. Presidentials

‘Tis, the season for MUSC, to be covered with posters, election talk, and cut-throat opinionated Facebook posts. (Fun Fact: You can submit these opinions to the Sil). The rest of January will be filled with the annoyance of friends discussing the debate or anticipation to see if your favourite candidate will win.


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