On July 16, the Board of Directors and the Student Representative Assembly met as part of their regular schedule In this particular meeting, each member of the Board of Directors, consisting of the president and the vice-presidents of the McMaster Students Union, and representatives from each of the major faculties discussed their yearlong plans moving forward into the academic year.

Each of these plans includes a description, benefits, difficulties, long-term implications, the process and the partners needed to accomplish each goal. There is also a rough timeline included for each based on what each person or caucus would like to achieve in each term.

For Chukky Ibe, the MSU president, the emphasis on Wi-Fi from his campaign has become one piece of larger objectives such as a planned tech week and “Optimizing Student Technology.” The plan notes that they are working with University Tech Services on a campus-wide audit to identify spaces that could benefit from internet expansion.

Many of the other goals are things that have been fairly consistent efforts through the last number of years. Opening up the MSU and increasing communication, accessibility on campus, reducing campus waste and affordable textbooks are all part of this. Some objectives such as “Good Food Delivery,” and “Graduate Transition” have not been as common in previous years.

It is also worth noting that his plan does not include the “Master Summary” that the vice-presidents include in their plans with a month-by-month breakdown and checklist. His open letter, “Trust Your Dopeness,” takes the place of a foreword note.

Preethi Anbalagan, vice-president (Administration), has already focused on training and transitioning part-time managers and the associate vice-presidents, and has a plan tailored to Welcome Week programming and support moving forward.

Ryan Deshpande, vice-president (Education), mentions the advocacy still needed on topics such as the McMaster’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response policy approved in January, and continued efforts towards topics like health, academic success and transit.

Daniel D’Souza, vice-president (Finance), continues the timeline towards the opening of the 1280 café and the additional aspects of that, e.g., online ordering and revamped club nights, and reviews of different aspects of campus such as part-time staff, rep suits and the accessibility of the MSU childcare center.

For more information about each of these plans, visit the SRA Documents page available on the MSU website.



Board of Directors:

Chukky Ibe, president:

  • Open UP the MSU
  • Accessible Campus
  • Reducing Campus Waste
  • Optimizing Student Technology
  • Improving the Off-Campus Experience — Neighbourhood Assistance Program
  • Ensuring Good Governance
  • Strengthening Student Communities
  • Health and Wellness — Caring Communities
  • Creation of the Post-Secondary Access Strategy
  • Childcare
  • Affordable Textbooks
  • Good Food Delivery
  • 3rd and 4th Year Transition / Graduate Transition

Preethi Anbalagan, vice-president (Administration):

  • Strengthening Traning Delivery & Orientation
  • Increased Support for the Student Representative Assembly
  • Supporting Part-Time Managers
  • Supporting Associate Vice-Presidents
  • MSU Hiring Practices, Improvements & additions
  • Strengthening Human Resources within our Union
  • Strengthening Welcome Week Programming

Ryan Deshpande, vice-president (Education):

  • Optimize the Education Department’s Marketing
  • Design and Implement Education Department Training
  • Build the MSU’s Advocacy Capacity
  • Refine the MSU Policy Development Process
  • Establish the New Education SRA Standing Committees
  • Evaulate the New Education Department Structure
  • Sustainability Working Group Committee: Research & Strategy
  • Health Services Review
  • Academic Affairs Council: Supporting Our Faculty Societies
  • Academic Success
  • Indigenizing McMaster
  • Food Security
  • University Budget Submission
  • Municipal Budget Submission
  • Off Campus Student Support
  • Landlord Rating System
  • Municipal Post-Secondary Advisory Group
  • Transit Advocacy: LRT and Beyond
  • AWCA Membership
  • Strengthen Regular Municipal Advocacy
  • Provincial Election Preparation
  • Economic Engagement + Work Integrated Learning
  • Sexual Violence Prevention & Response
  • Open Educational Resources
  • OUSA Indigenous Students Policy
  • OUSA Health & Wellness Policy
  • Mental Health — Provincial Strategy
  • Attend CASA Policy & Strategy Conference
  • Lobby with ADVOCAN

Daniel D’Souza, vice-president (Finance):

  • The Marauders Nest
  • Online ordering @ 1280
  • Revamped 1280 Club Nights + Integration of MSU Clubs
  • More Premium Events
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Package
  • Financial & Budget Training
  • Transparency
  • Discount Card
  • Evaluating the Child Care Center
  • HSR Implementation
  • SAB Consultation
  • Frost Week
  • Part Time Staff Wage Review
  • Decrease the Cost of Rep Suits
  • Ensure Campus Events Programming is Student Drive



Arts and Science:

  • Monthly Videos for Arts and Science Constituents
  • Inter-Year Arts and Science Socials
  • Introducing Networking and Job Opportunities for Arts and Science Students
  • Advocate for Mental Health Supports/Host a Mental Health Initiative
  • Long-term planning to increase the online presence of the caucus


  • Communication
    • Strengthen Relationship with the DCS
    • Maintain an active Facebook presense with the “SRA Commerce” Facebook page
    • Create a series of short videos to communicate important information with constituents
    • Class talks
    • Application Calendar
    • DCS fee breakdown
    • Paradise Catering Nutritional Information
  • Events
    • Networking Night with Professors and Students
    • Guest Speakers Events
    • Help Commerce Students Connect with The Forge
  • Academics
    • Advocate for Podcasted Courses
    • Advocate for Exam review sessions


  • Create closer ties between MES and SRA
  • Raise profile of SRA Engineering to Engineering students
  • Food Accessibility
  • Increase the Quality of Co-op experience and WIL
  • Supporting B. Tech, Computer Science and iBioMed Students
  • Social and Educational Programming
  • Reducing Mark and Exam Stress

Health Sciences:

  • Support for BHSc Events — Continue to strengthen ties with the BHSS
  • Increase Outreach
  • Outreach and Engagement with the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization Program
  • Interfaculty Events with Nursing and Engineering
  • Academic Accessibility
  • Promote First Year Involvement
  • Long-term planning for addressing food insecurity and upgrades to the Health Sciences Library


  • Humanities Student Recognition
  • Increased Digital Student Engagement (Bi-Weekly Video Updates)
  • MSU Discount Card
  • Increased Campus Visibility
  • Improved Relationship With MHS
  • Better Transition Process
  • Light Up the Night Artist Involvement
  • Long-term planning for improved McMaster student recognition


  • Demystify the workings of the SRA/MSU to the nursing student body
  • Improve collaboration with the McMaster University Nursing Student Society (MUNSS)
  • Building on foundation of the 2016-2017 SRA Nursing Caucus
  • Improve the Constituent Outreach Operating Policy to the benefit of nurses
  • Advocating for transparency and change within the School of Nursing


  • Course Registration and Management
  • Constituent Outreach
  • Enhancing the Learning Environment
  • Accessibility
  • Career Networking Night
  • Diversity in Governance
  • Housemate Connector
  • Distribution of Information
  • Providing Resources to Clubs

Social Sciences:

  • Communications and Engagement Strategy
  • MSU Guidebook
  • Formalized relationship with MSSS and Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Student Representation of the University Level
  • Accessibility for Courses/SAS capabilities
  • Improved Course Evaluations
  • R. Wilson Hours
  • R. Wilson Lounge
  • Landlord Rating System
  • Study Sessions
  • Experiential Opportunities

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