How do you usually procrastinate?

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What’s your favourite thing about fall?

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Pick a hot beverage

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Pick a traditional fall activity

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What’s your budget?

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Finally, how much do you love the Silhouette?

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What should you do over Reading Week in Hamilton?

It’s never too soon to get into the Halloween spirit and you are ready to go. You could go to Horror Movie Trivia at The Hearty Hooligan, or wander on over to City Hall for the Hamilton Zombie Walk. After all, nothing is spookier than the existential dread of not doing work, so there’s nothing to fear from Halloween! Horror Movie Trivia: The Hearty Hooligan: Hamilton Zombie Walk: Photo C/O Petr Kratochvil

The Art Gallery of Hamilton is offering a number of events over the course of Reading Week. The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing, and tickets are only $20. Additionally, as part of their Wednesday Workshop series, they will be offering a chance to learn how to do cut stencil screenprinting. Decorate your shirts to distract you from the looming threat of impending deadlines! Art Gallery of Hamilton: Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra : Stencil Screenprinting Workshop: Photo C/O Elissa Capelle Vaughn

Hamilton is known as the waterfall capital of the world, and it’s definitely worth checking some of them out before the winter comes to claim us all. This site has handy maps and guides to help you find your way to some of the locations. If waterfalls aren’t your thing, you can take a walk along the Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath. They even have an app! Waterfalls: Bruce Trail: Photo C/O Bev

Distract yourself from the cold reality of midterms with the bright floral beauty of the Hamilton Fall Garden and Mum Show at Gage Park! The beautiful flowers will provide you with some much needed serotonin, as well as a bomb Instagram background. Mum Show: Photo C/O Jon Sullivan

Drown your sorrows in an Aesthetic coffee shop. The Silhouette actually has a handy dandy list of coffee shops for you to try. You can even bring your laptop along to keep up the facade of having a productive study session! Coffee Shops: Photo by Cindy Cui / Photo Editor

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