With frigid January temperatures moving in and Marauders football reaching it’s end back in November, powderpuff football is set to make it’s return for yet another season.

Having had major success in the past, powderpuff it is back once again with a Laurier tournament up for grabs, and a chance for McMaster players to compete against other women’s teams from other Ontario Universities.

Powderpuff football teams range from first-year to fifth-year players and all skill levels are welcomed.

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and gain a better understanding of the game of football.

Fifth-year Marauders football player Mike Daly knows that powderpuff gives the women of McMaster a fun and active opportunity to build new relationships with others and gain a great sense of what it means to be part of a team.

“I was contacted in first year by the powderpuff convener and I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people and start a coaching career somewhere,” said Daly.

Despite the freezing temperatures during practices and tournaments Daly has continued to coach for five seasons and says it has been a highlight for him year after year.

“This will be my fifth year coaching it and it’s been fun every single year… cold but fun.”

“The most rewarding thing about being a coach is developing relationships with your players and seeing them develop. From first year when we had a tough time scoring a touchdown to fifth year when we barley lost. Every step was so much fun.”

Powderpuff football is a great opportunity for some of the women at McMaster to learn about the game of football from some of our very own Marauder football players.

Starting from the basics, to creating complex plays, anyone interested in a team sport with a friendly competitive edge is encouraged to check out what powderpuff football has to offer.

With this winter promising to be an icy one, McMaster women’s football players and coaches are seen as some of the braver athletes within the student body, willingly stepping out for practices and games at Ron Joyce Stadium, all in the hopes of earning a place in the annual Laurier tournament set to take place in February.

Tournament dates and times are set to be released in the coming weeks.


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