Cassandra Jeffery 

Assistant InsideOut editor

The leaves are changing colours, the frost is creeping in, and the weather outside is approaching frightful. Once again, the snowy season is upon us, and that means it’s prime time to start putting away those flip-flops.

As Canadians, we understand the unpredictability of the winter weather – we can bundle up from head to toe and still not be adequately prepared for the blizzard that erupts out of nowhere, or we can trip on the icy walk-ways despite our heavy-duty Alaskan hiking boots.

We’re used to preparing for the worst, yet remaining disappointed every time we stumble blindly out the snowy storm. But, despite the bitter cold, your fashion sense does not have fade this winter season.

Layer, layer, layer! If you’re looking for ways to keep in the heat while remaining chic remember that piling on the clothes means that you can just as easily de-layer. All too often we’ve had to trek through a blizzard for early morning classes only to realize, that we’re sweating buckets by the time we reach lecture hall.

Before making a break for it, layer up. Wear a light, baggy tank-top or t-shirt, and over top sport that trendy new cardigan or long-sleeve shirt.

To ensure warmth throw on a thick, hooded sweat-shirt, something similar to your McMaster sweatshirts. With your winter coat, the cold air won’t feel so bitter and you can safely make it to class.

Layering is key for the survival of university students, however there are various other staple fashion items that can help keep in the warmth over the winter months.

Consider the off-the-shoulder flash-dance sweater. Although most typically worn by women, these thick, knitted sweaters are perfect for the cold weather. Wear over top of a basic tank top or long-sleeve shirt and you’re good to go!

Wear wool socks. Whether you’re wearing them as a fashion statement or just to keep your toes warm, thick wool or fuzzy cotton socks are a must this winter season. They come in plenty of different colours and can be worn under a pair of sleek, black boots for added insulation.

Colourful scarves are a great item for both sexes, and work as both accessory and neck warmer.

Choose boots that are actually winter-ready. Finding a pair of winter boots that are both fashionable and warm is almost impossible.

Either your toes have frost bite from thin suede boots or you look like you’re about the jump on a dog sled with big, clunky, mammoth boots.

Although it seems like a never-ending battle of fashion versus comfort, proper, warm, comfortable and aesthetically appealing boots can be found. Good boots can be expensive, but if taken care of properly, they can keep your toes cozy for many snowy seasons to come.

Jackets are key for the winter months, though wearing an Eskimo-style parka is a bit of a fashion faux-pas. In order to be a trend setter this year, search for a jacket that’s both warm and fashionable. In style this season is the cute, cropped-style pea coat.

For women, these fashionable jackets nicely show off your figure and can double as a formal coat. Although not as warm as the typical parka-style jacket, a well designed pea coat will suffice during the Canadian winter months.

Formal style coats look great on men as well; paired with a great pair of black dress shoes, you’ll be reaching gentleman status. Another great coat design is the bomber style jacket. Also a unisex accessory, the bomber coat will be sure to keep you warm while staying chic.

The winter season has it’s faults, but if you dress for the weather the dreary months can be a fun time!

Purchasing a couple of staple items will allow you to enjoy skating and making snow angels while looking incredibly fashionable.


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