Amanda Weldon has played the part of creator for the Marauders for the past two seasons, helping them reel off eight consecutive wins to roar into the playoffs this year. This week, Sil Sports sits down with Weldon as she offers up nuggets of rookie wisdom, Twitter advice and a quick glossary of Tim Louks’ infamous phrases.


Fraser Caldwell (FC): If you had to choose just one, what would you pick as your best or favourite match?


Amanda Weldon (AW): I think the best game was this year – I want to say Alberta – but I think it would have to be our game at Queen’s because I think we really came out with passion and it was our TSN Turning Point. It was when we really came together and realized that we could really do this thing.


FC: Who’s your greatest rival as a team?


AW: I feel like I have more individual rivals, which I can’t really tell you. I think that for every team we manifest a rivalry. If I had to pick one it would probably be Western. I think that’s one thing that a lot of universities have in common. No one likes Western.


FC: The team went to Florida and made a point of seeing the Harry Potter area at Universal Studios. So who’s the biggest Harry Potter fan?


AW: Meghan Leigh Jamieson. Absolutely. She has a blanket and she bought a wand there and a mug. She has a Dumbledore shirt that she wears underneath all of her clothes. Definitely her.


FC: What’s the best gym to play in outside of the Burridge?


AW: That’s really tough, because I just love the Burridge so much. I’d have to say the gym at Queen’s just for the facilites, even though I don’t necessarily like playing there. They have a massive window and sometimes when you play during the day it blinds you. But I’d have to stay with that, just for the change room that we get to use.


FC: Quick meals are a given on the road. What’s the best fast food for a road trip?


AW: If I didn’t say McDonald’s here, the rookies would probably kill me. So McDonald’s it is.


FC: I know that you’re pretty involved on Twitter. If you had to recommend one follow for everyone reading, who would it be?


AW: I want to say [basketball guard] Liz Burns, just because she says the funniest things. Or [football quarterback] Marshall Ferguson, because he gives me a lot of facts. I learn something from that guy every day. He’s the informational Twitter account. He knows everything about football and I’ll read it and not understand but take something away from it. And he was the one who got me on Twitter.


FC: What’s the best advice that you’ve been given as a player?


AW: Never be surprised. Always expect the ball. That’s applicable for every skill, not just setting. It’s something I tell every camper that I’ve ever coached. To always expect the ball. Because when you get hit in the face and you’re a little camper it’s nobody’s fault but your own.


FC: Your coach is known for his collection of sayings. What’s your favourite Tim-ism?


AW: There are just so many to choose from. “Keep your eyes on your fries” is one. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” He’ll just yell words like “Elevate!” and “Hips!” He’s been going with “stick to the plan” lately. “The Plan!” “The Plan!”


FC: If you had to pick one best moment as a Marauder in general, what would it be?


AW: I’d really like to say the Vanier Cup win. Because people always give schools in the States so much credit for having such spirit, but I think the Vanier really showed our school how much spirit we could whip up amongst each other. Being in the gym downstairs, I have never jumped on someone so fiercely as I jumped on Meghan that night.


FC: Is there a joker on the team, and if so, do you have an example of a joke they’ve pulled?


AW: Everyone on our team is a joker in their own way, usually because we’re making fun of each other. This year the funniest things have been things that we just can’t believe that the rookies have said. Taylor Brisebois always says the most ridiculous things. Earlier this year, she wasn’t completely sure that Ottawa was the capital of Canada.


FC: If you weren’t playing volleyball, what sport would you be playing?


AW: I want to say basketball, because I carry so much swag, but I really don’t. I used to be a big soccer kid, so probably soccer. But I wanted to play basketball so badly last year when they were short on players. I asked if I could do it but Tim wasn’t having any of it. I was the MVP of our team at Waterdown High but we only won one game, so that’s not saying a whole lot.


FC: If you had to pick a role model as a volleyball player, who would it be?


AW: I’ve always looked up to Jenn Holt and the way that she plays, but I’d also have to mention Larissa [Puhach] just because she’s the spunkiest, most charismatic girl that I’ve ever met. It’s hard to pick one because Tim chooses such amazing girls to play for his team.


FC : What’s on the iPod these days?


AW: It’s definitely country. But at our house we’ll be studying at the table and cycling through all of the White Panda remixes over the years. Just jamming out and studying at once.



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