By: Hess Shalollbey

Road to Riverdale

Stories By: Mark Waid, Chip Zdarsky, Adam Hughes Audrey Mok, Marguerite Bennett, Cameron DeOrdio and Tom DeFalco

Artists: Fiona Staples, Erica Henderson, Adam Hughes, Audrey Mok, Sandy Jarrell, Andre Szymanowicz, José Villarrubia, Jen Vaughn, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Jack Morelli

Road to Riverdale may at first seem like a comic book that’s based on a television show that’s based on a comic book. Thankfully, it’s not.

Instead, Road to Riverdale is a collection of the various rebooted Archie Comics that inspired and set the tone for the new TV series.

While the main Archie comic has already been praised before by the Silhouette, the rest of the titles are of varying quality. Torontonian Chip Zdarsky writes a hilarious Jughead comic with Erica Henderson on art duties that not only measures up to the original Archie books but surpasses it. Meanwhile Marguerite Bennett’s Josie and the Pussycats keeps and equally firm handle on both its tone and humour. While Reggie and Me and Betty and Veronica are both equally great stand-alone comics, they have the bad luck of sharing their universe with their contemporaries that surpass them quality-wise.


Nightwing Vol1: Better Than Batman

Writer: Tim Seeley  Artists: Javier Fernandez, Chris Sotomayor

For years Dick Grayson served by Batman’s side as Robin. Now he sets out on his own as Nightwing to not only grow out of Batman’s shadow, but to prove himself as Batman’s equal. In this new Nightwing series, Tim Seeley presents us with a Dick Grayson who must pair himself with a vigilante named Raptor as the two plan to bring down an organized crime group and secret society called the “Court of Owls.”

While the series features appearances by Batman and Batgirl among others, it is Raptor who steals the show. His mysterious agenda and past keep readers guessing as to what his true intentions are and where his loyalties lie.

Credit must also be given to Javier Fernandez and Chris Sotomayor who have created what is arguably DC’s best looking book. Fernandez’s art is both cartoony and cutting-edge with razor sharp thin lines that create a story that is easy to follow. Sotomayor elevates the whole package by delivering colours that complement the art and render some truly striking visuals.


Green Lanters Vol1: Rage Planet 

Writer : Sam Humphries  Artists: Robson Rocha, Ethan Van Scrivner, Ed Benes

Sam Humphries was one the most poorly received writers at Marvel Comics. Both critics and fans routinely slammed his books with Marvel. This reputation followed him when he left Marvel for DC.

Green Lanterns, however, defies expectations by delivering a strong, well-grounded buddy cop partnership. With Simon Baz, the first of the two mentioned Green Lanterns, Humphries gains the opportunities to provide a social commentary on the stigmas faced by Middle-Eastern people in the post-9/11 world. Jessica Cruz, the other half of the Green Lanterns, provides Humphries with a more intimate opportunity to discuss his personal issues with anxiety and his daily battles and to provide encouragement and solidarity to anyone who might be facing the same issues. The whole package is tied together with fantastic art and colors by a team that aren’t afraid to show just how far out they can go with a character-based story.


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