Ward 1 Candidate: Sharon Anderson

Photo C/O Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson is a civil engineer who has worked with municipal governments for the past eight years.

Anderson’s main platform points are communication between groups, affordable housing and safe streets.

Anderson hopes to address affordable housing by keeping taxes low and increasing housing units. To do so, she will use policies and bylaws to promote mid-size developments along main corridors.

On transit, Anderson supports the city-planned BLAST network to increase the number of routes around the city. She also wants to implement a “shorter loop route” for buses on the McMaster campus.

Anderson supports LRT but believes that traffic flows on King Street should be reviewed.

As a McMaster alumna, Anderson states that she can navigate the relationship between student residents and non-student residents in the McMaster community.

“I am long past ready for the relationship between the two groups to change and do not think it will until we start getting the little interactions and communication right,” said Anderson.

For more information, Sharon Anderson can be contacted at anderson.ward1@gmail.com.

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Author: Ryan Tse

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