Ward 1 Candidate: Richard Massie

Photo C/O Richard Massie

Richard Massie has 14 years of community volunteer service in various roles.

His three main platform points are economic development, infrastructure and housing and clean greenspaces.

Massie plans to address affordable student housing by increasing the number of spaces available. He wants to offer bonuses to developments that are “100 per cent rental housing” and ensure that at least 20 per cent of those units are for low-income people. Two other ways he will tackle the problem are through changing bylaws and speeding up construction approval.

One of Massie’s ideas to improve the HSR is to end area rating for the HSR, which results in different tax rates for different regions. He also wants to increase city funding for transit expansion.

“We need to increase the frequency, reliability and convenience of HSR routes,” said Massie.

Massie supports the LRT “if done properly.” In particular, he stresses the importance of connecting it to different stations and services.

“I have the political will and resolve to change the status quo and not just make empty promises,” said Massie. “I believe strongly in creating jobs for young adults, protecting the environment, building affordable housing, funding transit, and supporting community services to help those in need and who don’t have a voice.”

For more information, Richard Massie can be contacted at r.massie@rogers.com.

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Author: Ryan Tse

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