Ward 1 Candidate: Jordan Geertsma

Photo C/O Jordan Geertsma

Jordan Geertsma has been the operating owner of the Snooty Fox in Westdale Village for the past 10 years. While he has no previous political involvement, he has contributed to several community organizations.

Geertsma’s main focuses are safe roads, increasing communication and advocacy for Ward 1 residents and housing licensing and inspections.

From Geertsma’s perspective, the lack of affordable housing stems from inadequate living space and increasing demand. He sees the current model that fits students into single-family homes as impractical, instead promoting “medium-density, mixed use, transit accessible” units.

Regarding transit, Geertsma wants to eliminate area rating, implement “staggered” express routes and upgrade buses to electric in the future.

Geertsma does not support light rail transit, wanting to use the money instead on other infrastructure. He is concerned about the safety of LRT, specifically the potential for substantially increased volume through the city and increased accidents as construction takes place.

As someone who is currently pursuing a degree at McMaster and interacts with students every day, Geertsma believes he understands student concerns and issues.

“I want to work with the city and the university to find and create incentives that will keep people here in Hamilton after their academic careers are over,” said Geertsma. “Both Hamilton and the people who study here have a lot to offer, and I believe each side can help the other become stronger.”

For more information, Jordan Geertsma can be contacted at jordangeertsma@yahoo.ca.

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Author: Ryan Tse

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