Ward 1 Candidate: Harrison White

Photo C/O Harrison White

Harrison White has not been highly involved with a political party in the past. Instead, he was involved with senior homes and food drives. White was a member of the Guelph Youth Council and has worked at the Canada Revenue Agency.

White’s three focuses are transit, infrastructure and affordable housing.

Regarding student housing, White hopes that improving transit will encourage students to consider living further in the west end. He also has a plan for a revised landlord licensing scheme. Another one of his objectives is to keep Ward 1 property taxes low.

One of White’s ideas to improve the HSR is to implement the “staggering of bus times that serve similar routes.” He also hopes to see HSR routes focused on LRT in the future.

White supports the Hamilton LRT and thinks it bodes well for the city’s future. According to White, at this point, the city should not “backtrack” on the steps it has taken towards the LRT project.

“I find it hard to justify taking steps backwards as over 105 million has already been spent,” said White.

White cites his recent experience as a student at the University of Guelph as evidence that he empathizes with student issues and student-related conflicts. He hopes to facilitate meaningful discussion with all parties in the community.

“I want students to establish roots and start families in Hamilton, not take their skills elsewhere. I am not just a voice for residents, I am a voice for everyone,” said White.

More information about the Harrison White’s platform can be found at www.hwhite4ward1.ca.

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Author: Ryan Tse

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