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Ela Eroglu’s past involvements entailed mentoring youth and helping new immigrants. She has also been active in the community as a businesswoman and professional architect for 25 years. Eroglu is also a member of the Canadian Green Building Council.

As councillor, Eroglu would focus on housing bylaws, safe streets and public transportation.

Eroglu supports inclusionary zoning and improved zoning laws, which she expects will help solve the growing housing problem and increase the “diversity of neighbourhoods.” Eroglu also supports mid-density housing projects along Main Street. Eroglu stresses the need cooperation between different city partners in addressing rental housing.

According to Eroglu, the Hamilton Street Railway’s long-standing lack of funding is the main reason underlying its insufficient service. For her, the HSR needs “more options and increased frequency.”

“Council needs to change its view about transit of being a service that is used by those only who cannot afford to drive,” said Eroglu.

Eroglu anticipates that light rail transit will provide efficient transportation and promote future developments. She wants it to be implemented as part of the city-approved 10-year transit strategy.

Eroglu believes her long professional track record will aid her in achieving her goals.

“For me, it is all about community and leadership. It is not about politics but people,” said Eroglu.

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