Unbeliva-bowl food on John Two new restaurants promise healthy, on-the-go meals without breaking the bank


Over on 225 John Street South, these two different concepts are located in the same place with the same chefs with a similar emphasis on fast, healthy food served in bowls. All the ingredients are locally supplied. All the bowls are light on your stomach. The most surprising part is that all promise to be well-priced, high quality options with plenty of quantity without any of these attributes lacking.

Little Big Bowl, open from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., focuses on breakfast options with yogurt and fruit bases. These can include things like pomegranate, toasted coconut, starfruit, coco nib and espresso granola. Simple, well-crafted bowls that are a step above what you would expect first thing in the day. It is described as the little-brother of Eatwell.

Eatwell, open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., focuses on lunch and dinner time with different vegetarian and meat options. This also includes the ability to tailor your meal the way you want it with selectable options like semolina noodles, char grilled peppers with aged vinegar, steamed shrimp salad with lemon and pink pepper and a classic demi-glace sauce with Madeira wine.

“… it doesn’t have to be your run of the mill food. It can be using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ever evolving and that’s really good for you, really healthy and full of flavour.”


Josh Wortley

Restaurant Chef

Little Big Bowl/Eatwell

With both of these concepts, there is a large deal of confidence when it comes to finding the balance between speed, quantity and quality.

“You end up getting about a litres worth of food for the price. So where we want them to get that fast, casual brand style of food, it doesn’t have to be your run of the mill food. It can be using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ever evolving and that’s really good for you, really healthy and full of flavour,” said Josh Wortley, the Restaurant Chef for the location.

Wortley previously worked as an Executive Chef at the Hair of the Dog Pub and Beerbistro, which are both located in downtown Toronto.

Despite this Toronto background, he is excited about making his mark on the Hamilton food scene.

“The amount of restaurants that have opened up, and the quality as well of the restaurants that have opened up, it’s starting to put Toronto to shame, almost. … It’s great to be a part of that, and it’s great to starting something that hopefully will be a cornerstone of the food scene to come.”

Josh Wortley will be working with the Executive Chef Mark Andrew Brown, best known for his work in Waterloo winning awards for Best Food at the 2015 Kitchener-Waterloo Food and Wine Show and Top Restaurant at the Waterloo Region Iron Chef Competition, on both of the concepts.



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