How long do you take in your student house shower?

What are you usually doing on a Friday night?

What’s your best studying tip?

What’s your late night food choice?

How much cleaning do you do?

What's your favourite HamOnt coffee shop?

What time do you arrive on campus?

What Type of McMaster Housemate Are You?
House Mom

You're the matriarch of the house. You're the one your housemates call when they need to be let in after they've forgotten their keys. Your charm and comfortable demeanor make your shack of a student house a home. You clearly somewhat care about that one housemate you usually subtweet, as you clean up after their five-day old dishes.
The Grandparent

Less productive and more cranky than the House Mom, the Grandparent has the most nagging messages in the group chat. You go to bed early and complain about any activity past 11 p.m., despite being everyone’s alarm clock at 9 a.m. You’ll occasionally make cookies, but not for your housemates, just to tempt them into thinking you’re about to do them a favour.
The Hess Hopper

The Hess Hopper is the party person of the house. Sure, all the housemates know how to have a good time, but this person is the definition of TURN UP. You won’t contribute much to the house work, but that’s okay because you don’t judge anyone else for doing the same. If you look at your Uber history, all your journeys are just roundtrips to Hess.
The Significant Other

You don’t pay rent, you just live here 24/7. Please leave.
The Chill Homies

You and your bud are glued to the couch surrounded by munchies and giggling along to your favourite Netflix show. You’re a stable entity in the house, witnessing everything that happens, but purely by accident (you do NOT want to be included in the house drama). Your other housemates are slightly mad at you for constantly being loud in the living room, but hey, you only live once and Grey’s needs to be binged for the third time.

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