Silhouette graduates reflect on what being part of the Sil has meant to them

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By: Esther Liu, Contributor


Andrew Mrozowski

Managing Editor

Most likely to be late to their own wedding

My elementary school music teacher, he went to [McMaster University] in the 90s. When I decided to go to McMaster, he told me to look up the Sil to see if it was still a thing. Best years of his university experience, he told me. I decided in my second year to check it out during ClubsFest. That’s where I met the Arts & Culture Editor of Volume 89 and I started volunteering with her. To anybody who didn’t get involved this year, even if this is their final year, get involved. Find a community that speaks to them and their interests. It just makes university so much more interesting. Whether it’s a club, whether it’s an MSU service or an off-campus service, it’s such an easier way to make friends and to meet like-minded people and to have a lot of fun in an environment that sometimes isn’t the most conducive for one’s mental health. That’s my biggest takeaway from the Sil.


Urszula Sitarz

News Editor

Most likely to go through a comedy of errors

It’s surreal to think that my time as an undergrad is ending. I’m finishing my sixth year at Mac and it’s been a long and unpredictable journey, but one full of love and joy. One of my favourite memories from my undergrad was in my fourth year when my housemates and I donned our Christmas sweaters to decorate our student house. We put up lights in the living room, decorated our tree and ate cookies, laughing the entire time. I’m so lucky to have found more laughs and support from my friends at the Sil in what could’ve been a really lonely time. As the News Editor, it’s been a thrill and privilege to spend my last year hearing and sharing the stories of other Mac students.


Krishihan Sivapragasam

Sports Editor

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

Ever since I was a kid, I would be reading Sports Illustrated magazines. Now, as we are living digitally, I’d be reading articles from ESPN. So from that, I took a leap of faith and decided to join the Silhouette, not because I just wanted to take the next step of writing about my pastime, but also to tackle these off-the-field issues that are rarely talked about. To say the journey was linear is nowhere near the truth: I experienced my ups and downs but the one thing I could take away from my time here is to always take the risk. It was definitely quite hard to gather interviews with no games but never did I shy away from the opportunity of one. To add to that, I would say my favourite memory is having a chance to interview Steve Staios. Not only was it a pleasure to interview him, but to be given the opportunity of speaking to a former NHL player is truly a dream come true.


Rya Buckley

Arts & Culture Editor 

Best shoulder to cry on

I didn’t come to Mac planning to join the Sil or join the Sil planning to join Arts and Culture, but I’m so grateful that I’ve ended up here. I learned so much from all the amazing people I’ve worked with, spoke to, and wrote about as a reporter and editor. Being part of the Sil has built my confidence and made me realize the importance of community building. Those lessons will stay with me long after I graduate.


Steffi Arkilander

Opinions Editor

Most likely to make the next big scientific discovery

I joined the Silhouette because I was passionate about telling people’s stories through opinion pieces. I’ve always been very passionate about writing and thought that getting involved with the Sil would be a great way to advocate for things I care about most while also being able to write and edit. I’ve learned that advocacy is something that I hold very close to my heart, and the Silhouette is one way I’m able to advocate for people. My favourite memory of the Sil has to be Andrew almost making us late for our Uber ride back from Supercrawl because he wanted his steamed milk.


Erica Mark

Social Media Coordinator 

Most likely to become a famous Youtuber

I joined the Silhouette as the Social Media Coordinator during my third year of university in 2019 and have been in the position since. I got inspired to join as a staff member because I wanted to leverage my passion for marketing to help promote McMaster’s student-run newspaper! I also got a glimpse of traditional print throughout my summer internship at Canada Post and I thought it would be a great opportunity to help establish a bridge between digital and print media. With this year’s online focus, I strive to encourage students to stay connected with the school community.


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