Official Rules


Getting started…

1. If SOLAR is full, take a drink.

2. If you see the FIPPA Notice but still get shut out, take a drink.

3. If you close SOLAR by accident, take two drinks.

4. If your browser crashes, finish your drink.

5. Take one drink for, according to Facebook, each person who picked their classes ahead of you on your selection day. Bastards.

Once in SOLAR…

6. Take a drink if SOLAR says course selection is unavailable, even though it should be.

7. Take a drink for every class you want that’s full.

8. If SOLAR doesn’t work properly with your browser, finish your drink.

And, finally…

9. When you’re done picking your classes, take a drink for every hour you spent in front of the computer.


A special thanks to Alyscia McMullin and friends


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