The days of the one-dimensional athlete are far behind us as a growing number of professional athletes are publicly discussing their passion for things outside of the world of sports. For many, that is a passion for fashion.

Whether it is the National Basketball Association’s “King of Fashion”, Russell Westbrook, or the suave styling of Canada’s very own National Hockey League defenceman P.K. Subban, who is RW & Co’s newest collaborator, these trendsetters are challenging the stereotypical definition of what it means to be an athlete.

Many athletes are putting in that extra effort to look sharp so that they can feel great and, in turn, play well in their sport. Although they are not trying to reach the same style level as the professional athletes mentioned above. I decided to explore what McMaster athletes were bringing to the growing trend of athletes in style. These five Marauders exhibit style not only on the court (and ice rink), but off it in their own unique way.

Julia Hanaka Comfy & Chic Women’s Basketball

A mash up of Dallas Wings’ Skylar Diggins-Smith and pop-star sensation Selena Gomez is the best way Hanaka would describe her everyday style.

A lover for fall fashion and sucker for a good knit sweater, you can often catch Hanaka in leggings, a simple t-shirt and a nice cardigan, bringing just enough style to her relaxed look. For the second-year player, basketball is a huge part of her life, but being able to express herself in other ways is just as important. She believes that confidence you feel when you make that extra effort to look good can translate into your game, and it has been working for her. Hanaka and the women’s team are currently in second place in the Ontario University Athletics West division and ninth place in the U Sports top 10 ranking.

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Sheldon McIntosh Smooth & Simple Men’s Basketball

The former Carleton Raven may not hit the court for McMaster until Fall 2018, but McIntosh has sure made his presence known at Mac. Drawing style inspiration from NBA players like Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Paul George and James Harden, McIntosh knows what he likes and how to make it work. It is clear that McIntosh is not afraid to push himself out of his comfort zone and dress it up sometimes. As for on the court, you can always catch him rocking his signature headband. He started off by imitating former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter when he was younger and has been wearing the headband ever since. Most importantly for McIntosh, having his own unique sense of style allows him to go against the status quo of what it means to be an athlete.

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Bridget Webster Sporty Spice Women’s Hockey & Sailing

Now that the sailing season is over, the first-year dual athlete has traded water for ice and wet suits for hockey jerseys. For Webster, how she dresses for the rink is reflected off of it too. Often rocking hockey sweaters with a pair of leggings, her style is sporty but far from sloppy. Naming her older sister as her biggest style inspiration, Webster is big on finding the right balance between comfort and style. Thanks to Victoria Secret’s sport collection and singing sensation Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, the athleisure trend is on the rise more than ever before. Webster is one of many women living in comfort and rocking stylish gym wear in their everyday lives.

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Matt Quiring American Apparel Classic Men’s Basketball

Another athlete you cannot miss walking around campus is 6’ 8” business student and basketball player Matt Quiring. Over the last three years of playing basketball for McMaster, Quiring has made an impression both on and off the court. Whether he’s rocking a thrift store buy or a cool find from his dad’s closet, to him, the best way to describe his style is American Apparel basic. Even though the word “basic” often has a negative connotation, he manages to make his off the court “basic” appearance look trendy yet effortless. For Quiring, it is important for athletes to have a passion for things beyond their sport to keep life interesting. Whether it is through fashion or another interest, Quiring loves the fact that there is more to life than basketball for him to explore.

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Dylan Romero Marshall Men’s Volleyball From Hipster to Streetwear

Off the court this athlete may not know exactly how to describe his sense of style but he is well-known for being able to put a look together. For the second-year volleyball player, his outfit style is based on how he feels. From wool cardigans, flannels, classic jeans and a pair of boots to bomber jackets, slim fit joggers and sneakers, one thing is for sure: Romero Marshall is not afraid to switch it up and look good while doing so. Although he does not conform to a certain style, he knows that if you believe you look good you will carry a confidence that ultimately can help you get through a tough day or focus on the positives in life.

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