March 15, 2018 0

Sneakerhead culture first began in the United States in the 1980s thanks to basketball — specifically the emergence of hip-hop music and Michael Jordan’s shoe…


March 7, 2018 0

She walked us through her vision for the brand, and showed us some of her favourite pieces. You can read the full article here:…


March 1, 2018 1

Maya Amoah stood radiating confidence in a Patcha Patcha hoodie, tastefully named after its patch-work design. Each patch is a unique off-cut from recycled African…

The Marauder lookbook

November 30, 2017 0

The days of the one-dimensional athlete are far behind us as a growing number of professional athletes are publicly discussing their passion for things outside…


September 19, 2017 0

We talked with a few of the participants to get their perspectives on one of the largest free festivals in Ontario. [thesil_related_posts_sc]Related Posts[/thesil_related_posts_sc]