On a warm summer afternoon, you’re going to walk across that brightly lit stage and shake David Farrar’s hand in a celebration of all you’ve accomplished while at McMaster. Sadly, we can’t all stay at McMaster forever, most of us move on from the campus into the big wide world of external career opportunities. Finding your footing after graduation isn’t easy for most, it’s full of anxieties and uncertainties that can leave you frazzled. The McMaster Alumni Association recognizes that and is here to support you in your transition from a McMaster student to a McMaster Alumni. We’ve been covering stories of Mac alumni finding their way after school and have run into some inspiring characters, such as Nicole St. Eve who offers some pragmatic advice in her Life After Mac story:

“…when starting out in your field of study [is] take on a pay cheque, because we all gotta eat! Keep learning, keep modernizing your professional presence and don’t give up”.

As difficult as the post-university job search can be, we encourage you to find inspiration in your peers and use it to drive your own search. Samantha, a Communication Studies graduate of 2017, covers her path into Social Media Marketing at Loblaw Companies Limited:

“The best advice I can give when in an internship is take on whatever is given to you with open arms, even if you have to ask questions and figure stuff out for yourself. And always look out for ways you can contribute more, network more, and learn more.”

Your Life After Mac changes drastically and can be difficult to navigate. It’s important to get a head start on the competition when entering the difficult job market. It takes some months or years to find their first full-time job, while others are able to find them quicker. Don’t put a timeline on your professional development and understand that everyone will evolve and grow at their own pace.

The Connect to Careers Job Fair is happening on March 5th at the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton. This large, city-wide job fair is a great opportunity to explore career options, meet amazing employers, and network with your peers who are in a similar situation. Look for other great resources, events and opportunities uniquely for job seeking students in SSC & Alumni partnered #LifeAfterMAC programs.


For additional information, please contact Connor Blakeborough at blakebcn@mcmaster.ca


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