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On April 8, McMaster students and alumni can celebrate the culmination of another year’s worth of classes at the second annual year-end block party, Light Up the Night. The first Light Up the Night event was rained on, but many of its events still carried on. This year, students will hopefully have a chance to ride the carnival rides, as well as enjoy the fireworks show at night, provided that the weather holds up.

If it rains again this year, there is not much that can be done in terms of rides and fireworks. There are too many variables that need to be changed in such short notice. However MSU President Ehima Osazuwa assures that there are many indoor activities such as a coffee house, the games room in MUSC and the Last Lecture featuring George Stroumboulopoulos that will not be cancelled. The MSU will keep their eye on the weather and will have a better idea of what the day will look like as we approach. If the future looks stormy, they will plan to ensure that students are given the year-end celebration they were looking forward to.

“What’s new this year? There is more free food, hopefully the weather is nice this year … it’s a very inclusive event — there is a coffee house, there are rides, there are games, you can win free things. There are indoor and outdoor activities. I think everyone can find something that they enjoy,” said Osazuwa.

If the weather is good, the MSU expects about 10,000 people to attend. Rides are free for McMaster students, and those wanting to bring friends from outside of McMaster can also ride for free as their plus one.

“Planning for the event was a wild ride, with consultation with many partners. But everyone seems to be excited for it.”

The event was planned by the MSU, Student Success Services and the Alumni Services but was supported by funding from various sources and even faculties at McMaster. Light Up the Night will be an annual endeavour for the foreseeable future, and the budget has already been set aside for the coming year out of MSU funding. Osazuwa recognizes the effort that went in to make Light Up the Night happen. “Planning for the event was a wild ride, with consultation with many partners. But everyone seems to be excited for it.”

When asked what Light Up the Night means for students at McMaster, Osazuwa talked about two things. “A goodbye to a long and amazing year, but it is also bringing people together because there are 10,000 people in one particular place at one particular time, and that doesn’t happen often. There is a sense of community, there are also alumni and community partners coming to the event.”

Photo Credit: Alex Young

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