February 1st – 14th

Ramsha Shakeel: Sculpting Time

Shakeel is a Toronto-based experimental musician and multimedia artist. The OCAD University student has performed solo and collaborative shows in her home-town, as well as Karachi, Pakistan and at the Torstraßen Festival, a music and arts festival in Berlin, Germany.

Sculpting Time is an exploration of the concept of time beyond our naturally linear perception of it. Unlike space, it is difficult to conceive time as a concept that can be designed and navigated. Shakeel intends to allow the audience to take time into their hands by using sandglass clocks. Sculpting Time evokes a sense of control over time as each individual interacts with the sand and subsequent sonic responses.

February 9th – 28th

Meredith Jay: Sacred Space

Jay is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from Concordia University, multidisciplinary artist, creative director and graphic designer. Her work revolves around questioning human behaviour and collective memory through digital and physical sculptural installations.

In Sacred Space, Jay explores belonging and the transience of home and loss of home through a multimedia installation. Physical structural bodies and floating holographic images are contained within healing structures that represent a place of a refuge. Sacred Space depicts that belonging can be found within one’s self.

March 9th- 28th

Derek Jenkins: The E6 Process

Jenkins is a Hamilton-based multidisciplinary artist who is currently working at the Niagara Custom Lab, a motion picture film laboratory. He has a fond interest for handmade culture, writing, documentary practice and personal film making.

The E6 Process commemorates the chromogenic process for developing color reversal film through audio recordings. On the brink of extinction of color reversal motion picture stock, the E6 Process is a unique way of keeping the story of a precarious ritual and all its hidden labour alive.

Josh Baptista: Dampening

Baptista is a Toronto-based creative developer, multimedia and interaction artist. Baptista’s artwork focuses on incorporating physical and digital realms. He is passionate about interactive sound and is currently challenging the ways mediums are used to interact with sound.

His installation is an experiment that explore the impact of dampening and absorption of a material on a sonic waveform. Participants will be able to make sounds with water, as the water controls an analog synthesizer capable of producing sounds electronically.

March 9th – 25th

Eccinaccea: beachballcoral@clone.zone (two of three from Incubation Cove series)

Eccinaccea is a Montreal-based artist. They produce multimedia installations, music, poetry and collages. Their work focuses on embracing the poetic and sensual potential of technology, such as the C# programming language and modal synthesis units, by transforming and incorporating them into audio and visual installations.

Beachballcoral@clone.zone (two of three from Incubation Cove series) is an ambient installation that incorporates Eccinaccea’s video and audio work. The installation is experienced in a virtual space through a Virtual Reality headset. Through the installation, Eccinaccea aims to explore and question the future of technologies like artificial intelligence, and how it interacts with the world if it becomes sentient and self-reproducing.

Adam Basanta: A Line Listening to Itself

Basanta is a Montreal-based sound artist who aims to draw awareness to the undiscovered and overlooked aspects of the listening experience. His work utilizes a diverse range of media to create three-dimensional simulations to explore conceptual, sensorial, psychological, bodily and mechanical dimensions of the listening experience.

A Line Listening to Itself is a sound sculpture consisting of a single microphone tilted towards an extended line of seven reclaimed speaker cones. Basanta incorporated computer-controlled feedback networks, which allow the microphone to pick up its own amplification from each speaker, generating a seven note rhythm of sonic ebb and flow.

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