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By: Emma Little

New year, new you, right? It’s hard to keep the resolution of eating healthy with all the unhealthy choices on campus – especially when you’re hungry! These are some of the best healthy snack options that you can find on campus, or off.


Apples and berries make a great snack early in the day. They contain natural sugars and fast acting carbs. These will boost your energy and allow your body to burn off the sugars throughout the day. Fruit is a great way to snack healthy because it’s filling, nutritious and contains antioxidants.

Where: You can find fruit all over campus! Apples are the most commonly sold fruit. Berries are harder to find depending on the season but can be found at grocery stores.


Hummus is a tasty snack, especially when dipping vegetables or crackers. Hummus is made from chickpeas, and contains those good-for-you carbohydrates. This combination of fibers and proteins help you feel full for longer. This makes it the perfect snack to get you through those long days of class and studying!

Where: Summer Fresh makes the perfect snack packs that come in a few different flavours with flatbread crackers. Summer Fresh packs are sold in most food stores on campus.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is packed with protein, low in carbohydrates, has approximately half the amount of sodium than regular yogurts and contributes to the recommended amount of calcium per day. Plain yogurt is better than pre-flavoured varieties because it has a lot less sugar. Mix in some fresh berries, nuts or honey for added flavour.

Where: While you can’t easily find plain Greek yogurt on campus, there are a few Greek yogurt flavours sold across campus, including at Union Market. If you want to be healthier, try buying plain Greek yogurt at a grocery store.

Almonds & Trail Mix

Almonds are a top super snack because they are high in protein, packed with fiber, healthy fats and vitamin E. It only takes a handful to help you feel full, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. They are also great for your heart! Don’t eat too many, a handful is roughly the perfect amount. Try to find plain, unsalted mixes without chocolate and added sugars, or make your own!

Where: Trail mix packages can be bought at most food stores on campus, though plain almonds are harder to find. If you want plain almonds and trail mix you can buy large bags at large grocery stores.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are great and easy to take on the go, but there are many good and bad protein bars out there! If you are having one as a snack, there some important nutritional facts you should check before buying. Protein bars should have less than 200 calories, at least four grams of fiber and the protein should be at least half the amount of the bars carbohydrates. There is a lot of different advice out there for protein bars, so do your research for buying.

Where: The best type of protein bar at Union Market is Power Bar Protein Plus. You can find even better protein bars, such as Quest bars, off campus.

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