Brianna Buziak
The Silhouette

Most would agree that the only good slush is flavoured, in drink form and consumed in the summer months. But until the temperature rises, or until we encounter the infamous April heat wave, we are stuck with cold, wet, dirty slush. The worst part is figuring out our footwear: do we sacrifice warmth for dryness, or dryness for warmth? Well stay tuned fair reader and find out how with these options you don’t have to sacrifice either.

Women’s Classic Knee High Rain Boot $39.99 (Target)- The name says it all. These boots will never go out of style nor will they ever be out of commission unless, of course, you move to a desert.

Men’s Arctic Cat Sherbrook Cold Weather Boot $59.99 (Target)- Being described as being a cold weather boot and having a water resistant construction, we can only assume that this boot will keep men’s feet both dry and warm this winter season.

T-Max Heat Thermal Socks $9.99-$10.99 (Mark’s Work Warehouse)- if you want to continue wearing your tried and true wellies throughout winter, add a pair of thermal socks to keep your toes toasty. Available in both men’s and women’s, these are a great addition to any cold weather wear closet.

Hunter Boots $150 (Footwear retailers)- on the pricey side, these boots are meant to keep feet dry throughout the wet months. They are great for treading through slush but not necessarily the warmest. There are many options for fleece socks and insulated liners. Although not as popular, there are also styles for the gentlemen who don’t want to get cold feet.


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