Coming off of a whirlwind weekend of success for the Marauder swim team, it is no surprise that Head Coach Andrew Cole was thrilled to sit down and talk about his team’s success this season.

With so many elements leading to his team’s success, and so much promising skills to discuss, there was one name in particular that Coach Cole couldn’t help but mention when talking about his swimmers. That name was Martyn Siek, whose improvements on the season were “unparalleled” said Coach Cole of his rookie swimmer.

Hailing from Ancaster, Ont. Martyn Siek began his swimming journey 14 years ago, although the sport was not always a first choice of his.

“I didn’t really choose swimming, it was chosen by my parents. But I’m glad they chose it for me,” said Siek.

“I’m glad they kept me motivated enough to remain in the sport when I had my doubts.”

Opting to stay close to home, Siek said that his decision to swim for McMaster was a fairly easy one.

“The reputation of the school is very good, and had a program well-suited for me, as well as having a talented swim team I believed I would be able to contribute to,” said Siek.

“My club team (GHAC) practiced out of McMaster every day, so I was already familiar with the excellent coaching staff and facilities.”

Going into the season, it is always expected that every swimmer is going to have some jitters and make some mistakes, but as an athlete it is also expected that you set goals and work to improve and achieve them.

Siek knows that his improvements are definitely something to be proud of and that reaching success is not something to take for granted.

“I improved far more than I thought I would,” said Siek.

“It’s always a big change coming from club swimming and joining a varsity team- generally it is difficult to adjust to a new coaching staff and training regimen.”

“I’m really glad I was able to overcome the obstacles of first year-university as well as being a rookie. I was extremely happy with my season, and definitely improved more than I expected to.”

With a newfound confidence and a push to only continue to improve, Siek knows that things are only going to get better as his University career continues.

“As a rookie everything I did was new, and it was nerve-wracking going into my first championship meets,” said Siek about his new responsibilities.

“I proved to myself this season that I was able to handle the workload, and I believe next season will be even better.”

When asked to sum up his season and his experience competing at a University level in one word, he chose the word “fulfilling”.

“With the Marauders, I learned what it truly means to be part of a team.”