McMaster Student Affairs and the McMaster Students Union, along with multiple other campus organizations, work to make Welcome Week an exciting introduction to post-secondary life. With star-studded concerts, campus traditions à la Bed Racers, and even a Justin Trudeau visit this year, it’s no secret that McMaster University does first year orientation like no other.

Another unique Welcome Week tradition can be found on the upper-year student volunteers: jumpsuits worn by faculty and residence representatives. The thick, mechanic-esque suits allow first years to easily identify reps as leaders during the week. Incoming Marauders can spot a rep in a suit and immediately know that they can answer any university related-questions. The suits also double as a canvas for reps to reflect their own interests and personalities through paint and styling. Welcome Week 2017 was no exception for some of the most outrageous and fashionable rep suits to date. From detailed acrylic paintings to imaginative modification, here are the best looks from the hectic week.

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