A “disclaimer” from the alleged book.

TRIGGER WARNING: the following article contains references to extreme violence, rape, sexual assault and child mutilation all in graphic detail and may be triggering to some people.

Following this morning’s announcement by McMaster University that the Redsuits engineering student group have been suspended due to violent and sexist material in a songbook, the songbook in question has surfaced.

The 35-page document, which details the lyrics to 28 songs and chants, contains material that is extremely offensive and, in the case of explicit references to child abuse, underage sexual behaviour, sexual assault on inebriated people and physical assault, promotes illegal and inhumane activity.

One particular song, “S&M Man” (found on page 34-5), is an inconceivably grotesque account of physically and sexually torturing women. Some verses include “Who can take a cheese grater / Strap it to his arm / Shove it up her cunt / And make some pussy parmesan?” and “Who can take a chainsaw / Cut the bitch in two / Fuck the lower half / And give the other half to you?”

Informal conversations with McMaster engineering students suggest that the book is a product of a small group of students and not representative of the Redsuits as a whole. Many engineering students were not even aware of the book’s existence.

The University has denounced the book in question and as a preliminary sanction, has barred Redsuits from organizing events for the remainder of the year, including Welcome Week 2014 when they are most active with first-year students on campus. A full investigation conducted by an external agency has been promised by the University.

The McMaster Students Union supports the University’s decisions. “Derogatory and degrading chants have no place on this campus,” said MSU president David Campbell in response to the situation.

The McMaster Engineering Society released a statement via their Facebook page, stating that “this book is not, and has never been, distributed or endorsed by the McMaster Engineering Society. The content unequivocally opposes what the MES represents.”

More to come.

Engineering Redsuits Songbook – Silhouette Redacted Copy *trigger warning* by TheSilhouette


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