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“McMaster is the place where great teachers are made,” said MSU vice president (education), Alicia Ali at the 2011-2012 Teaching Awards Recognition Ceremony on March 21.

McMaster president and vice chancellor Patrick Deane was the next to take the floor, offering words of encouragement and praise to all who were nominated. “Of all the awards I’ve received, those from students mean the most to me,” Deane said, truly capturing the essence of the event and awards, which would be shortly presented to the recipients.

More students and faculty members gathered at the event than there were chairs provided.

Deane continued, “There are a wide array of approaches which benefit students,” which

he felt had been captured by the recipients of the award.

McMaster’s associate vice president (Academic), Peter Smith, acknowledged, “there is not much guidance as to what makes a good instructor.” It’s something that is open to interpretation by the individuals in the profession, though Smith remarked, “you have to be willing to learn from your students.”

All recipients expressed gratitude for the honour. Unlike many other universities, both research and teaching takes centerfold, the latter of which was highlighted at the ceremony.

Dr. Krista Howarth was the recipient of the award for the Faculty of Kinesiology, professor Hartley Jafine for Health Sciences, Dr. Gary Dumbril from Social Sciences, Dr. William Scarth from Arts and Science, Dr. Nick Bontis from Commerce, Dr. Giuseppe Melaciniy from Science, professor Cameron Churchill from Engineering and professor Simon Wood of Humanities.

“McMaster teaching really counts,” said Social Sciences recipient Dubmril.


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