From quarterback to quarterback coach Catching up with former Marauders signal caller Asher Hastings


If you’ve been wondering what McMaster Marauders’ starting quarterback from 2013-2017 Asher Hastings has been up to, just know he has not gone too far.

After graduating from McMaster earlier this year with a degree in Sociology, Hastings was offered a job as a summer student with Labatt Brewing. But Hastings could not leave Mac behind.

Just because fans do not see Hastings suited up every Sunday, does not mean he’s no longer a key part of McMaster football. Starting this season, Hastings became the Marauders’ newest quarterbacks coach. By volunteering his evenings and weekends, the former starter is able to give back to the organization he grew up with while mentoring three young quarterbacks.

As quarterbacks coach, Hastings spends his time using his experience to teach third-year Dylan Astrom, and the Marauders’ two freshman quarterbacks, Jackson White and Andreas Dueck.

“Its like a brotherhood,” said Hastings on being their coach.

But more importantly, he sees his position as a mentorship role.

“You’re there mentoring these guys throughout every aspect of being a quarterback,” said Hastings. “It’s all about teaching them how to lead, how to be a good person, and how to make a great impact on and off the field – beyond the Xs and Os of football.”

Although Hastings knows everything there is to know about being a quarterback in Ontario University Athletics, the transition to becoming a quarterback coach has been an eye-opening experience.

“It really helps that he played in the system last year and we have a great relationship. He’s a younger coach and definitely a good friend on and off the field.”


Jackson White
McMaster football

“As a student athlete you don’t even really realize that these guys aren’t all getting paid. Not everyone is a full time coach and there’s a lot of hard work that goes in,” said Hastings.

He added that learning to share his “football obsession” with his work life has been challenging, but also an experience that he has learned a lot from.

“There are a lot of late nights and a lot going on behind the scenes that I am now a part of,” said Hastings. “But I get to be part of those conversations that shape and mould this football team going forward.”

Going forward, Hastings hopes to instill the importance of the quarterback legacy at McMaster with the younger quarterbacks.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do in the passing game,” said Hastings. “Keeping me around, I’m able to pass that message on that good is not good enough. I like that I’m able to be here and carry that message, so that it doesn’t get lost that it is such an honour and a privilege to be able to play quarterback at this school,” said Hastings.

Though “good is not good enough”, Hastings noted that he does not take too kindly to those in the stands yelling at Mac’s quarterbacks. Knowing what it feels like to be in their shoes, he stresses the fact that sometimes fans do not understand just how hard it is to be a quarterback.

“There’s a lot more going on than meets the eyes from the stands,” said Hastings. “These kids have to analyze what 24 guys are doing on the field in a split second. They have to be able to see what’s in front of them and that changes their reaction and what they physically do with the football.”

Though the position is not as easy as it seems, Hastings is confident that the three younger quarterbacks have what it takes to carry on the McMaster quarterback legacy.

The breakout star out of the trio who is surely carrying on the quarterback legacy is Jackson White. White, who started and played for the entire game last week against the Ottawa Gee-Gee’s, led Mac to a 24-7 victory where he threw for two touchdowns and 255 yards.

Although it seems pretty clear to most that Jackson White is the obvious choice to start, Coach Hastings promises that no matter who starts he is happy about the development of the three young quarterbacks.


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Author: Jessica Carmichael

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