Pretend to be an Alumni and we’ll guess what hamilton coffee shop is your favourite



Graduation is always on the mind, whether you’re dreading the inevitable future, or looking forward to it. Either way, sometime soon we will be out in the world without the comfort of our undergrad to keep us busy. Let’s take a step into the life of a McMaster Alumni, and we at the Silhouette will guess what coffee shop you frequent!

Do you have a job?

Which event did you come back to McMaster for?

Which Alumni resource would you decide to use?

Are you planning on making a donation to the school?

Do you know where the Alumni House is on Campus?

Which weird fancy thing from the Campus Store will you buy?

Have you been asked give a presentation at McMaster?

Have you signed up for the Alumni Mentorship Program?

Alumni / Coffee
Paisley Coffeehouse

Mulberry Street Coffehouse

Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe


Williams Fresh Cafe

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