Ehima Osazuwa

  • Level V Chemical Engineering and Management
  • Works as the SRA of Engineering and as one of the Les Prince Community Advisors
  • Worked as a technician at AVTEK Productions

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John Tambakis

  • Level III Commerce
  • Works as the SRA of Business and as one of the members of the Senate Board for Student Appeals
  • Part of the Power to Change and Athletes in Actions extracurricular clubs.
  • Member of the Grace Fellowship Church

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Tristan Paul

  • Honours Level IV Political Science & Economics
  • Works as the SRA of Social Sciences, the Commissioner for the SRA Standing Committee on Operations, and as the President of the McMaster Social Science Society
  • Worked as an External Relation Coordinator for Horizons, a Mayoral Campaign Assistant for Brian McHattie, and as a student ambassador to McMaster for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

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Matt Clarke

  • Honours Level III Multimedia & Communication Studies
  • Works as a Social Media Intern for the McMaster Student Recruitment Office, as the Promotions Coordinator for the MSU Peer Support Line, as the VP of Marketing for the McMaster division, and as the President for McMaster Musical Theatre
  • Worked as a technician at AVTEK Productions

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Corey Helie-Masters

  • Honours Level V Kinesiology
  • Works as the President of KinSociety, and has also been on the Men’s Swimming team since 2013
  • Until November of last year, he worked as a Research Assistant on protein distribution in a daily diet.
  • Worked as the Head Coordinator for the Kinesiology Games Conference, as a server and bartender for TwelvEighty, a Public Relations Coordinator for McMaster Kinesiology Society, a SRA Kinesiology Representative, and an event promoter for VOLV.

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