Justin Monaco-Barnes “#bethechange”

  • Ran on a platform focusing on a long-term sustainable strategy for McMaster and proposing changes to our building infrastructure to promote environmental practices. Before in his presidency, plans for the Combined Heat and Power co-generation plant have been underway, forecasted to save 15 per cent on energy input as compared to traditional plants.
  • He also ran on a platform pushing for the enhancement of athletic and recreation facilities.
  • The athletics and recreation student activity building and Pulse expansion referendum was held, but failed by 10 votes.


Ehima Osazuwa “Forward Together” Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.07.39 PM

  • Key platform points included interfaith accessibility, gender-neutral washrooms and women in governance with an overall campaign advocating for minority groups.
  • Campaigned for extended late-night food options on campus like Union Market as well as putting more kitchenware on campus.


Teddy Saull “Make it matter”

  • Campaigned to work towards better lighting in student neighborhoods and red security poles around Westdale area.

MSU fee freeze. Platform point successful ensured that the $122.61 fee did not rise for his year of presidency.


David Campbell “Your Money. Your Education. Your Experience. Your Campus.”

  • Landslide victory in his second time around, being first choice on 53 per cent of the nearly 6,000 votes cast.
  • He ran for president in the 2012 election as well, though losing narrowly by a margin of 47 votes.
  • Emphasis on creating small and tangible change, such as extending library hours and eliminating redundant part-time student fees in the summer.


Siobhan Stewart “We have something for you”

  • Campaigned for the green roof initiative, a project designed to incorporate an eco-friendly seating area and garden into the McMaster University Student Centre.
  • Peer Support Line and Fall Break were points in her platform


Matthew Dillon-Leitch

  • Ran on increased study space, allowing students to provide input on their education, and lobbying for student ideas.


Mary Koziol “Imagine More.”

  • Campaigned for biweekly farmer’s market on campus, consistent presidential blog, and mass notification text updates from the MSU.


Vishal Tiwari

  • Ran on a platform of transparency by proposing an internal review of the MSU practices
  • Green roof initiative and water bottle-free McMaster


Azim Kasmani

  • Overtook candidate Jeremi Jones as president-elect after a series of three ballot re-counts.
  • The paper ballot system was soon overhauled.


Ryan Moran

  • Proposed the development of a landlord registry system


John Popham

  • Created a bursary program and created a used bookstore on campus
  • Lost in 2005-2006 (second time running)


Tommy Piribauer

  • Campaigned to contact HSR about how buses are scheduled, advocate for increased service on weekends


Shano Mohan

  • Eight vote difference; second time running
  • Campaigned on a promise of not making promises; issue-based campaign
  • Off-campus support system and landlord registry


Neville Boney

  • Women in leadership as well as HSR bus pass negotiations


Mike Kukhta

  • Establish an MSU run employment centre through some government subsidy
  • First-year “common course” be offered to all entering students, to bring students together from all faculties


Peter Cameron

  • Introduced a counter-calendar to publicize the results of student course evaluations, such that students could get both pros and cons of a course before they enrol



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