Dina Fanara

Assistant News Editor


Students trying to get to and from McMaster may have a hassle on their hands.

Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) workers may begin striking on Jan. 30 after Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 107 voted 94 per cent to strike on Jan. 15.

The HSR workers, under the ATU Local 107, have been in negotiations with the City of Hamilton for a three-year contract. Despite over a year of negotiation, an agreement has not been reached, during which time, HSR workers have been on the job without a contract.

Some demands made by ATU Local 107 include annual hourly pay increases for the next three years, changes to overtime pay for part-time workers and increased vacation allowance based on years of service. a

A Jan. 24 offer by the City was rejected by the union. If negotiations fall through, over 600 employees will strike.


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