A Hamilton Police initiative to monitor cyclists in McMaster University’s surrounding neighbourhood was launched on Oct. 28 and will run until Nov. 28.

The problem-oriented project (POP) targets cyclists who commit rules of the road offences and equipment violations near McMaster’s campus.

Hamilton Police Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli said the project is the result of several complaints about cyclist behaviour from the neighbourhood and Councillor Brian McHattie’s office.

Police will enforce the Highway Traffic Act and City of Hamilton By-Laws, which include:

  • stopping at stop signs and intersections which are controlled by lights
  • not riding on sidewalks or through crosswalks
  • not riding the wrong way on one way streets
  • having proper equipment on the bicycle, which includes a bell or horn and proper lighting for night riding (red light to the rear and a white light to the front)

Police will also be enforcing a zero-tolerance policy, which means cyclists will be fined if they commit a traffic violation. Fines range from $25 for improper equipment to $155 for failing to stop at a red light.

A similar initiative took place in March of this year, in which Police targeted Sterling Street for cycling infractions due to complaints from the Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association. Sergeant Ciarmoli said the current project is not an extension of the one in March.







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