By: Abdullah Elsayes

For years, the Hamilton population has been growing below the national average growth rate, but things are about to change for this underrated city.

Hamilton is investing in long-term developments that will bring in more residents to this city and enhance the living conditions for current inhabitants. Ultimately, this will better the city’s average population growth rate.

First, it is important to acknowledge Hamilton’s history since we all have a role to play in the city’s contemporary development.

From the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, Hamilton was recognized for its industrial production, specifically, its steel production.

In the late-twentieth century, other aspects of the economy took precedence, especially the technology we take for granted, and Hamilton was reckoned a post-industrial economy.

Its image failed to match the growing economic sectors of the modern era. This, of course, contributed to a slow city population growth.

Earlier this year, Hamilton founded the Our Future Hamilton initiative with a focus to further enhance the city in the next 25 years. This proposal concentrates its priorities on community engagement, economic prosperity, public health and safety, environmental responsibility, built infrastructure and culture and social diversity.

As of the 2017 budget, it is evident that the city has begun its investments towards their future planning. City council has allocated $2.2 million towards downtown and commercial districts, $14.5 million towards recreation and $27.2 million towards West Harbour development.

It is clear that the city is devoting its finances for a more convivial Hamilton atmosphere, which is something we will all benefit from.

In the late-20th century, other aspects of the economy took precedence, especially the technology we take for granted, and Hamilton was reckoned a post-industrial economy. 

Moreover, this initiative also makes Hamilton residences one of the most affordable in the Greater Toronto Area. For instance, the average cost of Hamilton city centre real estate is $4,165.10 per square metre, much cheaper than its neighbouring cities such as Toronto with $7,525.11 per square metre. This alone is attracting people, and potentially students, to the city hence increasing the population growth rate, which is great in terms of Hamilton’s economy and urban development. As Hamilton continues to develop, we will be exposed to a tremendous city that sufficiently provides community engagement, public health and safety, environmental responsibility, and social and cultural diversity.

As a result, more students will have the opportunity to engage in their community off campus and commit themselves to activities and livings they enjoy. Over 55,000 community members have pledged their opinions for the Our Future Hamilton initiative. It is clear that this development is for the residents of Hamilton, and the students of McMaster University. All of us have something to enjoy from this city’s planning. We’re in for a bright future in the years to come.

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