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Winter at Mac just got a little bit sweeter. On Feb. 1, a new location of Yogurty’s opened its doors on Main St W. The new storefront of the frozen yogurt shop is the second of its kind in Hamilton.

“We’re having our grand opening around the end of March,” explained owner and manager Lane Dowhanihuk shortly after the doors opened on Feb. 1. “This is our soft opening.”

“We weren’t sure if we’d be open this morning and it turned out to be 5 p.m., or late this afternoon, so tonight hopefully it’ll be busy because a lot of people have been popping in, and we said Friday’s the day,” she said.

Indeed it got busier as news spread via Facebook and Twitter, with Yogurty’s updating its Twitter page before announcing the opening on its official website.

“I think we have a premium product here. In my opinion, Yogurty’s is a little better than the competitors, which is why we chose to open this franchise,” Dowhanihuk said in response to being compared with Westdale’s TCBY. “Our fruits are cut every day fresh, and [we offer] tons and tons of toppings. Our sauces are in warmers, so it’s nice, warm sauce instead of just cold.”

Customers certainly seem to agree. Katija Bonin, a second year Arts & Science student, was among the first 10 customers at the new location. “I get a good vibe from this place,” she said. “I’d come here more often for sure.”

Dowhanihuk explained that students are a main focus for this franchise. “We are hoping, with the university, the junior high and the international college … to get everybody in here,” Dowhanihuk said. “We have actually hired a few people that are attending Mac, and we’re just kind of waiting to see how busy it is before we hire more.”

Flavours currently offered at the self-serve yogurt bar include Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter, Crispy Wafer, Mangolicious Sorbet, Super Fruit, Tart, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate Truffle Explosion. With over 80 flavours listed on their website, though, selection changes on a rotating basis.

In terms of future franchising in the area, there is “nothing on the list right now for Hamilton.” But Dowhanihuk revealed “Waterloo is our next one, which will be in April.”


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