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By Barjot Gill

Happy National Coffee Day!


You finally have some free time; how do you see yourself spending the day?

What is your ideal breakfast?

Your friends describe you as:

What does your room look like?

What’s your favourite thing to do at coffee shops?

Here's where to have your coffee:
Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

You’re a team player and love meeting and learning about new people. You work best with others around you and Mulberry Coffeehouse provides you with an ideal environment to enjoy a friendly cup of coffee while having an intriguing conversation. Their community tables provide customers with the perfect opportunity to interact and get to know one another. The extensive menu never lets you get bored. Photo by @aaronton1c
Vintage Coffee Roasters

Your happy place is your own house. There’s nothing more cozy and comfortable than your bedroom. Vintage Coffee Roasters tries its best to recreate that feeling for you, decorated with warm and rustic colours, it encloses all of its customers with a feeling of homeliness and comfort. Photo by @maddybeatty
Detour Coffee Roasters

You’re very outgoing and always enjoy meeting new people, however the mornings are when you need time for yourself. You enjoy taking your time during breakfast and savour each and every sip of your coffee. As a result, you can be somewhat picky when it comes to your coffee. To meet your needs, Detour Coffee Roasters ensure each cup of coffee is the best it can possibly be and put just as much thought into the rest of their menu, so you can sit back and relax. Photo C/O @detourcoffee
541 Eatery & Exchange

Every now and then you drop by your local shelter or food bank and give back to the community. You’re reliable, caring, and find joy in the little things. 541 Eatery & Exchange is not only the perfect spot for you to enjoy some coffee and a meal but it also gives you the opportunity to donate your time and money to help your community. Photo by Madeline Neumann
Red Church Café + Gallery

You have a taste for the finer things in life, particularly those calling out to your artsy and creative side! Your ideal night out involves exploring local art shows and art galleries. Coffee combined with art is like a dream come true for you. This makes Red Church Café + Gallery the ideal spot for you to not only enjoy sips of delicious coffee based beverages, teas, and smoothies, but even some wine if you’re looking to let loose at the end of a long day. Photo by @taylortabrydorzek

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