Jessie Lu/ Assistant Photo Editor

Loch Ness Monster

Nessie has been spotted in the Loch Ness, Scotland, as early as the sixth century. She is a friendly, yet shy, aquatic dinosaur.

Dover Demon

Spotted April of 1977 in Dover, Massachusetts, after getting separated from its UFO.


Most often spotted in Latin American countries since 1995, this malicious creature’s name translates to “goat sucker.”


Originating in fifth century China, this hoofed and horned, scaly individual is perpetually on fire. Appears with the arrival and departure of a wise leader.


This huge, 20 meter-long, “goddess of rivers” is responsible for killing at least nine South Africans, earning her an alternate nickname: “the Brain Sucker.”


About 150 years old, this Australian water-dweller is notorious for its predatory behaviour.


Attracts men wandering through South American jungles by taking the form of a seductive woman. Once taken to a more secluded area, they assume their true form and devour their victim.



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