The games have begun.On Friday, the candidates for President of the McMaster Students Union were confirmed and announced. Five students have put their names on the ballot, each with the goal of leading a multi-million dollar organization focused on improving life at Mac.

This year’s slate includes five men: Matt Clarke, Corey Helie-Masters, Ehima Osazuwa, Tristan Paul, and John Tambakis.

We asked each of these newly declared candidates why they wanted to be MSU President.


I want to be MSU President to make a difference at this school, and really incorporate community and the way that we call McMaster home and the way that we all interact and create relationships.


I have wanted to be MSU President ever actually since one of my first days in school here. And the day I decided to run actually was … the middle of my first year, about five years ago, when Matthew Dillon-Lietch—I was on his campaign team—the night he won was the night I was like I need to do this, because this might just be one of the best things that I could ever be involved in. The idea of working for the MSU and having the opportunity to do all these fantastic things—it’s so exciting.


I’m running for MSU President because I want to make a difference to the lives of the students and the McMaster Students Union … I feel I’m very qualified to lead the organization. I’m running for MSU President to be the change I want to see in the organization.


Traditionally, the MSU, when we talk about engaging students we often say that students don’t want to get involved, they don’t really care about issues on campus. What this past year has showed me, and especially from first year to now, I’ve realized that students do care about issues. They do want to get engaged in the conversation, but right now there aren’t those mechanisms in place to do that. So why I’m running—well, I want to connect students to the MSU.


I thought this was a great chance to put students first and make sure that students are the centre of the university experience in every facet.

The campaign will officially begin Sunday, Jan. 18 at 12 p.m. Stay tuned at for ongoing coverage of the election.

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