MSU President Siobhan Stewart talks about fall break at a focus group discussion on Nov. 13.

The MSU has released a survey to get feedback from undergraduates on a possible fall break at McMaster.

As of Nov. 14, more than 2,625 responses had been received since the survey opened on Nov. 4. The purpose of the survey is to gauge the student appetite for a break and help determine the most effective length and type of break.

At a focus group discussion on Nov. 13, Stewart said the timing of the survey was in part to allow first-year students a few months to adjust to university life.

“They can comment as students who have had at least one midterm,” said Stewart.

Stewart said she was aware of the accreditation needs of various faculties such as Engineering, Social Work, Nursing and Commerce. Students in some faculties are required to complete more credit hours than those in other faculties.

“I know there are accreditation standards, but I think it’s possible for faculties to find a creative way around it,” she said.

Stewart said there has been discussion on the University administration’s side about possible pilot projects, including talk of a pilot for first-year students only, though no concrete plans have been made.

“I’m confident we can do something in the interim, if that’s what students want,” she said. “If students indicate they want a larger project, the University needs time to put the resources together.”

An online chat about fall break will be hosted on the MSU’s website on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 3:30pm. The survey will be available online until Nov. 18.


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