The McMaster Students Union presidential debate, held by the MSU Elections department on Jan.19, gave voters insight into each candidate and what they would bring to table. The candidates this year are Chukky Ibe, Aquino Inigo, Patricia Kousoulas, Shaarujaa Nadarajah, Matthew Vukovic and Leanne Winkels. Here are some highlights:

  • Throughout the debate, Inigo stressed his platform on safety, arguing its importance supersedes finance.

  • It came to light that of all the candidates, only Nadarajah has read the new McMaster sexual assault response policy.

  • When asked about how he would respond to xenophobia on campus, Vukovic commented he feels we should not engage with these groups or give them attention

  • Ibe, Vukovic and Winkels vote NO on the Athletics & Recreation and Student Activity Building Referendum. Winkels argued the MSU should use the pre-existing space more efficiently.

  • All candidates vote YES on the Hamilton Transit Railway referendum and the syllabus repository referendum
  • Kousoulas argued her shuttle bus service will alleviate safety concerns and in turn help mental health on campus

  • Ibe criticized the safety platforms of Inigo and Kousoulas for their focus only on on-campus safety

The Silhouette will be holding a livestreamed debate on Sunday Jan. 23.



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