As of noon of Jan. 15, the MSU presidential race has officially begun, with the following candidates:

  • Chukky Ibe, Political Science V
  • Aquino Inigo, Honours Life Sciences IV
  • Patricia Kousoulas, Honours Life Sciences IV
  • Shaarujaa Nadarajah, Honours Life Sciences III, current vice president (Administration)
  • Matthew Vukovic, Engineering Physics and Management V
  • Leanne Winkels, Political Science IV

In addition, there will be three referenda:

Athletic and Recreation Expansion and Student Activity Building referendum

A referendum asking students if they wish pay a fee going towards expansion the Pulse and new Athletics and Recreation Building.President Justin Monaco-Barnes has taken a leave of absence to represent the official YES campaign for this referendum. Shane Zuchowski will represent the official NO campaign for this referendum.

Hamilton Street Railway Pass

As a part of the MSU’s agreement with the HSR, the conditions of the pass must go to referendum every 3 years, and asks students if they agree with the new, re-negotiated pass fee.

Syllabus Repository

This referendum asks students if they wish to task the vice president (Education) to create an open access repository of course outlines/syllabi.

Voting will open on Jan.24, and both voting and campaigning will end Jan. 26 at 5PM.


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