Midterm exam schedule Mosaic should consider adding another schedule to help students out


With midterms either resuming or beginning for most students and final exams lingering around the corner, scheduling your time is becoming more of a challenge.

As reading week has now come to an end and the regret of not being as productive as your professors expected you to be when they assigned their due dates has set in, it would be nice to have a more convenient way to organize your workload.

An exam schedule for midterm exams, like the one that is currently available on Mosaic for finals, could help reduce the stress that already exists for students while they try to prioritize their to-do lists.

It would also help students plan ahead of time for the reading week and allocate their time according to the importance of assignment weights.

Presently, students rely on course syllabi on Avenue to Learn for midterm exam dates. However, this is not always productive, as sometimes instructors do not decide the midterm date in advance for certain courses and students are forced to readjust their schedules as a result.

This results in either lack of proper preparation for exams or student having to pull all-nighters to complete work from other courses with less effort than they would have if they had the time to finish assignments wholeheartedly.

With midterms either resuming or beginning for most students and final exams lingering around the corner, scheduling your time is becoming more of a challenge.

However, a posted exam schedule would not only help students, but also instructors to mentally prepare for their schedule and organize their time accordingly.

This means that students would not only be able to better organize their to-do lists, but also their leisure time.

As reading week proves every time it comes around, students need a breather whether we anticipate it or not. Though we plan to complete assignments, catch up on readings and study for upcoming exams every reading week, it is usually the case that we don’t get to doing so until the weekend before the break is over anyway.

With busy schedules, students are sometimes too busy to fit in time for relaxation and we may find ourselves procrastinating in times we really shouldn’t be.

This may be the product of lack of organization or merely poor coordination between professors in planning due dates, which is a conspiracy that students joke about often.

If there was a way to make planning easier and more productive between instructors and students, this might be a good start.

In addition to making orgaization and time management more manageable, having a midterm exam schedule available at the beginning of the semester on Mosaic would also allow for international student and commuters to better plan for trips to visit home without worrying about the possibility of missing something in their time away from school.

An exam schedule for midterms on Mosaic would help increase organization, productivity and time management for students, especially around times that are meant for a compromise between studying and relaxing such as reading week.


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