This week, McMaster University announced the launch of a new PhD program in the department of labour studies.

The PhD program is the only one of its kind in North America, and will allow students to engage with issues within the labour force in both modern and historical settings. The small, mentorship-based program sees a strong unity between the faculty members in the labour studies program, resource workers in the field and workplaces within the community.

The program will also allow graduates to contribute within research, administration and policy-making positions in public, private and non-profit sectors to represent the labour force, and to contribute to the ever-evolving issues that these communities face.

Students who are currently enrolled in the M.A. Work and Society program will only be required to complete three graduate level courses beyond the courses that were already completed during their M.A. studies to fulfill PhD requirements. This includes the only required course, Methods and Advanced Labour Studies Theory, other course options surround subjects such as Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Social Work and History.

Interested? Check out the School of Labour Studies website for more details about timelines, courses and admission requirements here.


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