Are you going to the Homecoming Football Game?

Which Hamilton drinking hole are you frequenting on a Saturday night?

Which HoCo 2017 concert are you going to?

How much maroon are you planning on wearing this weekend?

Choose your favorite drunk food:

Choose a cup:

Pick a karaoke song:

The Hoco Butterfly

You’ve been invited to almost every pre, kegger, and party in the McMaster area and you’re planning on attending ALL of them. You have a set plan for Saturday’s festivities, but know that your core group of friend’s won’t be able to keep up with you. However, you meet people easily and will know at least four people at each party you attend.
The Homecoming Homebody

All day drinking isn’t your thing, and that’s exactly the way you like it. You’d rather be relaxing at home, or going to literally any other event in Hamilton. You like going to McMaster but not enough to want to damage your liver, or spend your day going to a football game.
2 Busy 4 Hoco

You were on the (D)fence about spending an entire day surrounded by your inebriated peers, but you would have much rather been participating in the festivities then doing work. You forgot to book the weekend off, and now you’re sporting a Marauders banana as you serve the hungry hoards at your part-time job, or are wilting away writing that paper that was due yesterday.
The Rowdy One

You and your housemates have had your Homecoming event planned for weeks. The solo cups are stacked, the jungle juice ingredients are ready for mixing, and the plastic tables are placed by the door with care. You’re the one who will be leading the cheers at the football game, and your voice will somehow be heard over the kegger crowds. Make sure to have some lozenges prepared for the day after.
The Mess

You’ll need to buy a leash in advance, so that your friends can keep track of you throughout the day. You’ll probably gun your beers too fast, causing you to get drunk much more quickly than anticipated. A friend will become your designated babysitter, and will make sure you have water and a shoulder to cry on (because yes, you will inevitably cry.) Pro tip: place a big glass of water and some Tylenol beside your bed before you go out.

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