Fred Eisenberger served as Hamilton’s mayor from 2006 to 2010 and is currently one of the front-runners for the 2014 election. His platform is centralized on bringing prosperity to Hamilton in the form of economic development, quality of life, and by investing in transit.

For students, Eisenberger believes that economic development in Hamilton is the most important issue.

“Everyone that studies ultimately wants a job, certainly many that are currently in university or college are potentially aspiring to work in Hamilton,” said Eisenberger. “We want to be a city that provides opportunity where people can come live, work, play and raise a family here, so the economic drive needs to be first and foremost when it comes to achieving that.”

Eisenberger was also the first to propose bringing light-rail transit to Hamilton, and wants to invest in improving transit in Hamilton. But before implementing this plan, he wants to spend six or seven months gathering feedback from the Hamilton community.

“The train can’t leave the station until the community is on board,” he said.

Eisenberger places a strong emphasis on building community. This includes a more customer-friendly government as well as ending local poverty.

“One in five in our city is at or below the poverty level, and we need to deal with that, as well as deal with economic development,” said Eisenberger. “It has to be prosperity for everyone.”

His platform also emphasizes building relationships with the provincial and federal government to encourage the government to invest in Hamilton.

“That’s what I did when I was mayor, and that’s what I’ll do when I am mayor again.”


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