Brad Clark is a Stoney Creek resident with a long history in both municipal and provincial politics, serving as an Ward Councillor, MPP, Minister of Transportation, Provincial Minister of Finance, Minister of Labour and as a parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Clark is set on bringing his experience in the city and in Queens Park as mayor of Hamilton.

Clark plans to provide opportunities to students by creating paid internship positions at the mayor’s office.

“[Interns] would be able to actually experience the policy development phases as well as what happens in the political arena at a municipal level,” said Clark. “It has been my experience that that type of internship does open doors for students.”

In terms of transit, Clark feels that LRT would not be an affordable option and that the city should implement more affordable projects such as bus service expansion. Some of these expansions are outlined in Clark’s eight-year plan and include increased transit services, in addition to the expansion of GO bus service.

He also wants to implement an international business development plan that will help bring economic development to Hamilton.

“[The plan] enables the mayor to appoint business ambassadors for the city to work directly with the mayor’s office to introduce Hamilton to business leaders internationally who are looking at diversification or expansion,” said Clark.

Another key platform point is the creation of more high paying jobs in the city. Through the Team Hamilton initiative, Clark is hoping to attract U.S. and overseas businesses and to form partnerships and investments with local businesses. Part of this initiative would also encourage the participation of youth ages 15 to 25 in the local political system, through the implementation of a Youth Cabinet. The thirty member Cabinet’s role would be to organize youth forums throughout the city and generally advise on community issues with a youth perspective.

“There are 69 ideas in [my] platform and they are actually substantive, concrete ideas that will improve our city.”


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