The 8th place Marauders dominated the 9th-ranked Warriors today at Ron Joyce stadium with a score of 66-3.

The first quarter of action saw multiple interceptions by Marauders defensive back Keldyn Ahlstedt, which eventually led to a single by the maroon and grey, where Tyler Crapigna made a kick to put the home team up 1-0.

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The Marauders would maintain the lead for the rest of the quarter, with Kasean Davis scoring his first touchdown of the season with 3:18 to go in the first, which put Mac up 8-0.

On the defensive end, #54 Mark Mackie on the Marauders sacked quarterback Brian Chris with 2:08 to go, and the maroon and grey scored another touchdown in the last seconds of the quarter. Vandervoort made a catch to put the team up 15-0 after the extra-point conversion from Crapigna.

After the early lead in the first quarter of play, the maroon and grey never looked back.  The second quarter of play saw the Marauders wide receiver  # 84 Vandeweerd score a touchdown early, with 13:15 left to make the score 21-0. Tyler Crapigna’s kick was good, which made the score 22-0 for Mac.

With 8:29 to go in the quarter, Kasean Davis scored his second touchdown of the game, running it through easily to bring the Marauders to a score of 29-0, with Crapigna making the score 30-0 shortly after.

After another gutsy sack from defensive lineman Mackie, just before the half, Marshall Ferguson found Tyler Loveday on the left side, putting the maroon and grey up 36-0, and 37-0 after Crapigna’s kick.

The Marauders whopping lead in the first half forced the Warriors into making a  decision to kick a 34-yard field goal with just seconds left in the half, which brought the score to 37-3 for the maroon and grey.

After the half, the Marauders extended their lead with another touchdown with 8:06 to go from Tyler Loveday, which made the score 43-0. Crapigna brought the score to 44-0 shortly after.

The Marauders kept the momentum going after a Waterloo turnover at the 50th yard-line, that Mac picked up, which eventually led to another touchdown from #16 Kingsley Amankwaa that made the score 50-0 before Crapigna’s kick, bringing the score to 51-0.

The Marauders shared the ball in the third quarter, putting numerous teammates on the score sheet, with #35 wide receiver Declan Cross scoring a touchdown with 2:23 to go in the third quarter which made the score 58-3 for the Marauders.

In the fourth quarter the Marauders had one more push, scoring yet again, with their last touchdown of the game by Wayne Moore, who sprinted to the end zone with 7:27 to go in the game, and got the home team up to a score of 65-3.

The kick was good from Crapigna, which made the score 66-3.

With 3:45 left in the fourth quarter, #27 Scott Martin knocked down a Warrior toss, which gave the Marauders the win, as the team was able to maintain their lead, and finish off the Waterloo Warriors with a score of 66-3.


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