It looks like Marauder fans have an even bigger reason to smile this season. Not only are both the basketball and volleyball teams off to a great start, but now admission to the games in Burridge Gym is free again.

All you need is some maroon to guarantee your seat to take in some Marauders action this season.

With the $5 ticket fee having the potential to decrease attendance at games this season, the McMaster Athletics and Recreation department reached an agreement with Bell Mobility to bring ticket prices back to zero once again.

“Tickets are once again free for students who wear their maroon to both basketball and volleyball games,” said Parrish Offer who is the manager of marketing communications sponsorship for McMaster Athletics.

“This is thanks to a new partnership with Bell Mobility who is also offering discounted rates to students,” said Offer of the new deal.

“We want students to understand that there is value in coming to McMaster sporting events and that considerable effort and cost is associated with delivering first rate athletics, however we want to make it accessible.”

With the season barely underway for the Marauder volleyball and basketball teams it turns out the partnership with Bell was reached at the perfect time.

“We actually hadn’t started the season when we made the decision,” Offer said.

“We’d been working on the partnership with Bell for over a year, and they were interested in how best to help and reach students.”

With a decision finalized, attendance numbers should certainly be how they always were, with no chance of a ticket price now deterring fans from taking in Marauder action. With continued hype around both volleyball and basketball this season combined with free of charge entrance for wearing maroon, McMaster athletics should still maintain its popularity amongst students looking to cheer on their fellow maroon and grey peers.

As an agreement was finally met with Bell there are questions now surrounding the real viagra without prescription price of all Marauder games and if eventually football tickets will soon be free for students as well. Bell will continue its work with McMaster athletics ensuring all students get the full experience when it comes to athletics at their school.


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