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First Year
First year is mostly about surviving school, so meal planning and cooking doesn't become a top priority. You're either in Res surviving off of noodles and Centro food, or you're off campus learning to use a kitchen for the first time.
Second Year
You're in your first student house and, oh wow, a kitchen! You don't really know how to make many full meals yet, so you opt for making the simple broke-student-necessities and surviving off of last years meal plan.
Third Year
While you definitely have a full kitchen at your disposal, you're way too busy to properly utilize it. On special occasions you'll bust out a cookbook, but most days you're just needing some fast eats.
Fourth Year and Beyond
With years of student living under your belt, your eating habits have evolved to want full and more complicated meals. Whether you're a foodie yourself, or just UberEats-ing something to your door, you make sure your meals are good quality.

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