Kathleen Wynne, a Toronto MPP who recently entered the Ontario Liberal leadership bid, met with members of the McMaster Young Liberals at My Dog Joe in Westdale on Nov. 20.

At the small gathering, Wynne addressed topics including affordable housing, healthcare, economic growth, and a struggling post-secondary sector.

Wynne said she would keep Premier McGuinty’s 30 per cent off tuition grant in place and work toward increased access to Ontario’s post-secondary education.

In response to a Ministry discussion paper on education reform in September, Wynne expressed support for online learning as a tool, but said it should not replace traditional modes of learning.

“In some parts of the province we need more online courses. I don’t think we necessarily need a new online institution,” she said. Wynne also said she does not think three-year degrees are the way to go.

Wynne identified economic growth as a priority, and said she would work to balance the budget and ensure the Province stays on target fiscally for 2017-2018.

“We need to develop new, innovative industries, but we also have resources and a mining boom in the North,” said Wynne. “We need to find our place in the supply chain.”

Wynne, former education minister and minister of transportation, recently garnered the support of Ted McMeekin, MPP for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale.

Since Dalton McGuinty’s announcement in October that he would step down as Premier and prorogue Parliament, six Liberal MPPs have entered the leadership race. The other candidates are Gerard Kennedy (Toronto), Glen Murray (Toronto), Sandra Pupatello (Windsor) and Charles Sousa (Mississauga).



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